Let’s Visit The Grand Canyon!

Today we “visited” the Grand Canyon. April Fools! Ha ha! We went using virtual reality!

Virtual reality is when you put a set of goggles on your eyes and you see whatever you want. For example, you could “go” to Antarctica. But for that to work you need a phone with the app virtual reality. You could also play a game with virtual reality. Mrs. Minnoczzi brought the viewers to our classroom and Mrs. Yollis controlled the viewers with her iPad. Our first stop was Independence Hall, our second stop was Liberty Bell, our third stop was The Grand Canyon which I am writing about.

Photo by Mrs. Yollis.


Today my class and I “visited” different famous landmarks. Like the Mt. Rushmore, the Liberty Bell and several more. My favorite was The Grand Canyon. I liked it because it was a really deep canyon. The Grand Canyon has rocks that are more than 4 billion years old! Its colors are red, gray, green, pink, and violet. The Colorada River formed the canyon and it is still making the canyon deeper and deeper every second! The Colorada River runs 277 miles long.


When Mrs. Yollis stopped the bus I was amazed by what I saw. “Wow! The Grand Canyon is so deep and huge! We got to see the whole canyon. I saw the Colorado River below us. The Colorado River was full of reddish water. I saw people canoeing in the river, and people at the very bottom hiking next to the river. The canyon was so deep the people looked like tiny ants.



Here is the Grand Canyon.
Screenshot by Finley Paw

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon for real?

If yo could go anywhere virtually, where would you go?

5 thoughts on “Let’s Visit The Grand Canyon!

  1. Hi Finley,
    How lucky you are to have this virtual reality experience. I have been to the Grand Canyon ‘for real’ and there is nothing like it. If I ever get to go back, I think I’d like to go white water rafting on the Colorado River. As far as virtual places to go, I’d like to see the glaciers of Alaska and New Zealand. Of course, I would like to also go ‘for real’. 🙂
    Get post, keep up the good work!
    Mrs. C.

  2. Hi Finleypaw,
    I really liked your post about the Grand Canyon and the picture. If you want we can travel there in the future, so you can see the real thing.


    • Dad,
      Thanks for the comment. In the future, I do want to go to the Grand Canyon so I could see the Grand Canyon itself. In addition, I want to go there in the winter so it could snow and the Colorada River will freeze so we could ice skate over the Colorado River. That will be lots of fun! Mrs. Yollis has been in the Grand Canyon in the winter too!

      Your son,
      Finley paw

        • Dad,
          It will be very exciting going to the Grand Canyon! I want to bring our sled so we could play with the snow and sled in the snow. I also want to go to the deepest part of the Grand Canyon.

          Your son,
          Finley paw

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